by Black Cascade

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released March 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Black Cascade Salvador, Brazil

Nature is Our God and Wood is Our Temple.

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Track Name: ...and to the woods, we all shall return
...from the woods we all came...
...and to the woods, we all shall return...
Track Name: Passengers
their will is rising from the woods
through the black lodge they will reach us

they want to follow us
to experience feels, pain on tissue and to die

they're exposed
they seek me from the black lodge and they will come to earth
spread the word
surrender to their majority

a greatful power from the spirits of that sacred place
disturbing them, don't ask

searching for a way to follow us
they just want to learn about
spirits of the forest tell me something I forgot about living
Track Name: Into the wild pt. 1
watching bloody sun shine again
searching for inner chaos
i won't have any faith
won't have faith in nothing that comes from humans
i won't have faith in humanity

a mistery live on this
lay down my corpse to earth
live my dream of be dead
now wait for salvation
putrid air infect your lungs
i'll live into the wild

there is nothing to jail me
we all shall regress to woods
walls of stone, surrounded by the rot
be my home, be my grave
Track Name: Perception
spirits rise up as they know where
from the black lodge they rise up so
they'll ask for your sight
to bring fire, fire walk with me


obsessed, forsaken
owls are not what they seem, what they seem

i can't behold, it's all over
owls are not what they seem, what they seem

to the top i won't stop
seeking your end
lying, dying

a shallow grave is all that i need
to make my vengeance
fire walk with me
Track Name: Arise
rise up from your darkened tomb
show your deadly fangs, oh human race
rotten thoughts from a sickening mind
for everything that seems to be alive

walking through a forest of decadence
guided up by a temptation that makes me believe this is a way
Track Name: Flames of amazon
when the flame roar and the great forest whispers this will summon a
mythical god, a major rite of passage will be done
and you have found the true way
here i am fighting to survive
the tyranny that disturbs us must die
this flames of the amazon will spread by our fears
Track Name: Into the wild pt. 2
this was me leaving this
took my breath to separate this lust
this was what I've become
and I'll leave all behind

hate humans

let all darkness embrace ur heart, leave all behind
into wild I've found peace in natural spirits
i'll leave this world, nothing to be, nothing to be
for all lust, break all these chains that

consumed and separated you [primal senses]
now leave society [find your]
own way to redemption
leave that path to separate you from lust
leave all lust

there is nothing to jail me
i'll leave this
i'll leave this
i'll left behind what i've learned
be my home, be my grave
'I don't want society no more, I don't wanna live this no more'
lay me down to
lay me down into the wild
I don't like humanity no more, i don't wanna live this no more
leaving to the wild
living into wild